Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Nom Nom Nom!

Since I dedicated my previous blog entry to food I don’t like I decided to write this week’s blog about all my favourite noms!

First and foremost the ambrosia that is chicken nuggets. Is there anything more delicious than chicken nuggets, I think not.

Secondly, McDonald’s super noodles. A staple in my diet and a regular in my cupboard.

Beetroot. Is it a vegetable? I don’t even know but I’ve gone through a jar of it every week since I was 6. Serving suggestion: Eat it straight out of the jar with a fork, it doesn’t go with anything else.

Cheesestrings, without which I would suffer severely from rickets.

And last but by no means least, Coco pops. Nom Nom Nom J
Till next week x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Things I can't eat- The Anti Food Blog

I'm very fussy about food. What I like I eat copious amount of, I live mainly on a mixture of Coco Pops, chicken nuggets and spaghettios. I never try new things and I'm starting to think that the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, vitamins and protein have left me a miniscule 5"2. There are things I have never tried like fish, steak, lamb, pork, duck, pudding and things I will never try goat's cheese and rabbit and marmite. The following conatins a detailed account of why I find stuff really gross.

Quiche- Quich smells like old people's houses. If I were to eat Quich, with every bite I would be quietly thinking to myself this is most definately how a wrinkly old person would taste.

Pate- I used to love this. I ate it everday on toast, cream crackers... or straight out of the tub with a spoon. Then my brother told me what it was. That was twenty years ago. I haven't touched it since.

Fish- Fish are visual repulsive. They look slimey and evil.

Lambs- Lambs are too cute to eat. Eating lamb is like eating a kitty or a puppy.

Duck- Duckies? How do people eat duckies?!

Pork- It's grey. Grey is not an apitising colour for noms.

Turkey- I used to eat turkey all the time, then I found out it was a type of pheasant. I aint eating no pheasant.

Steak- When you think about it, and I mean really think about it. Steak, essentially, is a slice of ass.

Rivita- The yockiest cracker in existance. One would liken it to a rectangle of cardboardy- sand.

There is method to my madness. I have two older brothers who loved telling me from a young age in great detail what everything was made of, ad libbing usually and putting their own spin on things like the chips in lennoxes are squishy because they make them and then throw them out in the garden and stamp on them, wash them down and reheat them. Or that when restaurants run out of chicken they use white rats. Or that hot dogs are really made form all dogs that run away from home.

Well, you can see why I'm a bit weird about stuff.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Things that make me feel old

The following is a list of things that make me feel ridiculously old:
Bart Simpson turns 35 this year.
Tommy from the Rugrats would be pushing 24.
Marilyn Monroe would be 90 if she was alive today.

Ross' son Ben in Friends would e turning 18 this year.
I made my Communion 19 years ago this May.
Kevin from the Backstreet Boys is now 44.
Macauley Culkin is 33.
Clarissa from Clarissa explaims it all would be 38 now.
All three Hanson brothers are married with kids.
Tha macerana is nearly 20 years old.
Mother Theresa and Lady Diana have been dead for 15 years.
I can't find bottles os Score lemonade anywhere.
I don't remember what my natural hair colour is.
Hakeem from Moesha is dead. When I told the 18 year olds who I worked with this bit of news they asked me what a Moesha was.

Anyone else starting to feel like this? :(

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another way I avoid studying is spending hours upon hours thoroughly reading every article featured in the online Daily Mail website. What they lack in correct grammar and spelling they make up for in sensational headlines and showing celebs at their worst. Today's top story illustrated some of the funniest homework submissions teacher's in the US and UK had recieved. They are some of the most hilarious things I've ever read. It made me think back to my school days and some of the stuff I used to hand up. I remember writing a two page essay on why I hated Gay Byrne. Now don't get me wrong, Gaybo is antionally gem and all that but when you're 7 and you're parents won't let you change the channel over from the Late Late show you form a pretty big grudge. I think my essay went something like this... I hate Gay Byrne, he is old and I don't like old people. He is not funny, probably because he is old. I bet all he does all day is sit around eating soup, because he is old. I went on for another bit throwing around age-ist slurs but you catch the drift.
I remember spending hours at a friend's house whose Mom was a teacher at our school and waiting for her to leave so we could poke through some of the essays the first years had handed up to her as homework. The history ones were pure gold. " I am a knight, I live on a horse, I have a knife for stabbing people. I heart the king and queen. They are my Mom and Dad".
Oh god it's stuff like that and these pictures that very nearly almost makes me want to be a teacher!

Monday, 13 February 2012

You can't spell success without UCC

If you're a UCC student and you haven't been living underneath a rock you're sure to have come across the UCC Memes facebook page. It is quite literally the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Spot on stuff particularly their pics of Mature Students and CIT. God they give CIT an awful bashing. It got me thinking... what do we have against CIT anyways is it friendly banter or just a bit of a rivalry? I used to go there studying when I was in 6th year. Their library is the noisiest place on earth and all the desks are covered in graffiti: not really complaining though because most of it is pretty funny apart from the occasional pornagraphic doodles. Other than that the campus looks nice. Bit too much concrete but not an eyesore by anyone's standards. The cafeteria has much nicer food than the Main Restaurant in UCC and the talent in there is rather savage if I do say so myself. I usual don't give the place too much thought but then some CIT student in Havanas goes on about how their both practically the same and the UCC snob in me comes out I'm ashamed to say. Are we being childish/snobbish/hard headed about CIT? Or are we just being frickin' hilarious?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Noisy Neighbours and Evil Landlords

I moved into a ground floor apartment two years back. When we went to view it we thought it was great, spacious and furnished nicely with all major appliances included. We paid our deposit and soon moved in, delighted with out new home. That warm and fuzzy feeling lasted about two hours because that is when our upstairs neighbours moved in. In my estimation there must be atleat fifteen of them living up there in a two bedroom apartment with thin wooden floors. Natives of Romania, they didn't let the idea of confined space deter them from setting up sticks. Of the fifteen, nine are children who don't seem to go to school considering they spend most of the day running aimlessy from one end of the apartment to the other. They rarely seem to venture outdoors and keep their curtains closed all the time. They blare music and dance and jump and scream and bang and worst of all they've stolen all the clothes pegs off my line! :( I've tried tapping the ceiling with my sweeping brush but they just tap back. I've asked my landlord to contact their landlord to complain but he doesn't seem to bothered... So at the end of the day I decided it just wasn't worth it and we handed in our notice! And what a relief it was!Moving out next week! So to ease my stresses I've been watching this vid on repeat... I challenge you to not be endeared :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

12 weeks 'till our finals :(

So I took a brief break from blogging for the last two weeks, mostly due to the never ending amount of essays, group projects and inclass tests that most of us have had on our plates this term. Its funny to think its all coming to an end now and this is the last hurdle. This will be the last April I spend glued to my seat in the library, watching the sun beaming down, listening to the student union nominees ask for votes and offer questionable queen cakes and irresistable drumstick lollies... yum. This will also hopefully be the last time I spend an entire month tossing and turning in my sleep, downing gallons of rescue rememedy and panicing at the thought of these dreaded exams. I have little routines that I swear by to keep me calm coming upto exams.. firstly watch all the soaps religiously - a nice break from reality does the ming good. Secondly, paint my nails, its nice to look down at pinks and purples instead of chipped red. Finally, I take youtube/ lame book breaks breaks ever couple of hours or so. That got me thinking of when I first started this blog, it was my original intention to fil it with funny videos I found online and as most of us are stressed out at the moment I think I'll dedicate my next few blogs to bringin the lols via stuff I find online :) Like the lolrus and his bucket... still cracks me up!! Follow the link below to see his journey in full... it beats studying anyway :)